Why Fake Grass Installations in Sydney Works For Homeowners

Homeowners know they can sit back and relax once they have undergone fake grass installations in Sydney, giving them an immaculate green setting that stays consistent from January through to December. In spite of varying climatic conditions, these placements enjoy the same first-class level of presentation, ensuring that residents are not stressing about droughts, floods, pest control and other ailments that impact the aesthetic of the lawn. There are plenty of advantages for incorporating these designs and that will be the focus of our discussion.

Suppliers Offer Versatile Grass Options

Homeowners who are looking at fake grass installations in Sydney will recognise that there are a number of different models that are in play, assisting families that want to control their budget and customise a project that works for their long-term interests. Polypropylene, nylon and polyethylene materials are the common course of action in these settings. Whether they are reserved for high foot traffic, durability or tranquil environments, shoppers can find a package that works for their interests.

Specialists Pass Over Recommendations & Insights

Thankfully local residents don’t have to speculate too much when it comes to fake grass installations in Sydney. Local specialists in this industry have years of experience behind them, guiding constituents to profiles and placements that will truly deliver the goods. If there are key questions to be posed about durability, cost, implementation, maintenance or anything else, they will be the right parties to consult with on this subject.

Long-Term Financial Dividends Are Enjoyed

Money saved in the backet pocket is one of the main attractions to making the switch to fake grass installations in Sydney. Homeowners discover that they don’t have to bring out the push or ride-on mower for this select area and they don’t have to water the region either. This is money saved for fuel, oil and repairs with the system and money saved for water utility resources.

Saving on Family Chore Time

These artificial lawn profiles that are on display from Sydney suppliers allow men and women to relax when it comes to the upkeep and maintenance of the property. Especially for those who are already pushed for work and family commitments, trying to stay on top of the lawn during weekends can be a real drain on the schedule. By going down this route, clients have an area that looks after itself.

Property Values Increase

fake grass in a Sydney home

Residents will be tickled pink when they see that their investment in fake grass installations in Sydney pays dividends with their property price, giving them a stronger hand in the market if they ever wish to raise the ‘for sale’ sign. Conveyance representatives and real estate agencies will reflect these increases as they look to make the area a signature piece of the sales pitch. If there is any need to add value or put the location on the market, this is a savvy move to make.

Residents Are Kept Safe & Secure

A strategic benefit of undertaking fake grass installations in Sydney is the avoidance and removal of any pesticides and toxic sprays. The task of warding off these bugs that eat away at the roots is extensive and sometimes dangerous, creating problems for exposure with children and pets. These materials do not attract that same kind of attention, offering a user-friendly space for all members.

If fake grass installations in Sydney still don’t convince prospective buyers, it is important to get an up-close-and-personal appreciation for the product. Local suppliers across the city will be happy to answer questions and provide recommendations based on their expertise. Even if the project is only designated for a small part of the yard, clients can see what is possible for the rest of their property, whether that applies to their front or backyard.…

Tips For Buying A Laser Cutter

If there is one type of cutting machinery that anyone would be proud to own, it is certainly a laser cutter. Even if you are buying it for a business application, knowing that you can cut something with such precision is just so satisfying. However, different types of laser cutters are available in the market and you need to be mindful about the option you go for. Each machine has its own uses, so be sure to keep each of them in mind when finalizing a laser cutter for your needs. Keep reading to find out the different factors that will influence your decision regarding the machine you buy.

Nature of work

Before you go in any direction, you need to figure out exactly what your need is. A laser cutter is no small investment and you do not want to buy a machine that only gets used occasionally and would sit idle for the most part. You should make full use of a product like this and only buy the right option for your applications. Different laser cutting machines work with different materials and, therefore, have different applications as well. Woodcutting machines would be entirely different from metal cutting machines and so would be the machines that work on glass or acrylic. The requirements you determine at this stage will help you narrow down your choices significantly since there is a laser cutter for every type of material.

Working capacity of the machine

laser cutter

This is another factor that you simply cannot overlook since the size of your operation will demand different production numbers. The bigger you are, the more pieces of a certain part, etc., you would need to churn out every day. Depending on that, you would further shortlist your options, especially if that number is large. It is evident that a large laser cutter can do the same job that a small cutter would do easily. So, if you have a small production requirement, you may still consider buying a bigger machine if you think that making this purchase would result in an immediate increase in your overall production capacity.

Laser type

Each laser cutter machine uses a specific type of laser for getting the job done and each laser has a specific material(s) that it can work with. For example, CO2 lasers would be the best option if you are looking to cut wood. Similarly, fiber laser would be used to work with metals and other materials like steel, brass, copper, acrylic, etc. There are also other lasers with their own unique uses, like solid-state lasers and plasma lasers. Figure out the exact scenario that you want to cover and then shortlist machines that support your specific laser type. While this option may be expensive, you can also find laser cutter options that support multiple lasers. This is where the next factor comes into play.

What is your Budget?

Regardless of the machine you choose for your needs, it will cost money and the amount will not be small. However, there is still an extensive range to consider so be sure to evaluate your need thoroughly and then allocate an appropriate amount of money for buying the laser cutter. Make sure that the decision you make is based on facts, thereby making it the least costly and ultimately profitable. However, do not try to find the cheapest option either. Sometimes if something seems cheap, there can be a considerable amount of hidden costs associated with it, so make sure you do not fall for that trap.

Using these factors, you can easily find something good and reliable that you can use for a long time.…

7 Reasons Why Commercial Solar Panels Are Strong Market Sellers

Business owners who are looking at the possibility of making the switch to commercial solar panels will recognise that these investments remain strong market sellers.

While traditional power utilities have served their purpose, this acceleration in renewable technology is providing more dividends for commercial enterprises keen on controlling their resource and managing their bottom line.

We will look at the 7 key reasons why they are selling so well across the industry.

1) Multiple Solar Products Available

The good news for those business leaders and constituents who are looking at commercial solar panels is that they have a number of design options at their disposal. Suppliers will point towards monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film and biohybrid designs as a means of introducing a panel that is geared towards a customized level of energy consumption according to the region specifics.

2) Flexible Payment Schemes Extended

Commercial operators know that they don’t have to be stuck with a financial model that is not affordable for their position. Whether it is a direct cash payment, a green loan, a PPA (power purchase agreement) or a lease of the product, the client has a chance to acquire the technology without creating added financial pressure.

3) High Market Competition

Thankfully operators of small local enterprises and large corporations alike have a lot of choice when it comes to commercial solar panels. There are added incentives given buy-back schemes and government rebates so the potential to connect with brands large and small is extended to those owners willing to embrace the project for the long-term.

4) Creates Energy Sustainability

solar panels for commercial use

A common issue that some participants have with a reliance on public grid energy is a lack of control over this mechanism. If there is a fault somewhere along the line due to a weather event or a logistical mistake, then businesses suddenly go dark with no immediate recourse for a solution. By integrating commercial solar panels, the entity becomes self-reliant and self-sufficient without needing to look for outside intervention.

5) Lowers Utility Bill Costs

There is no escaping the attraction that is brought about by commercial solar panels when thinking about the month-to-month cost savings that are involved in this package. Being stuck with an electric design that is linked to traditional power grids will see the client billed with rising costs from these suppliers, something that can be bypassed through these green avenues.

6) Improved Energy Performance

The outstanding advantage of introducing commercial solar panels for outlets is simply being able to keep the lights on and the power running for longer periods without experiencing interruption. The fact remains that businesses stuck to the public grid through older models will see drops in access and reliability across a 12-month period, creating logistical challenges that do not need to be in play in 2021.

7) Developing a Green Community Image

A lot can be gained from brands investing in these materials from an operational and cost perspective, but the intangible component of the green business image is there for all to see. This is a method of connecting with community members, attracting interest from partners and investors as well as showcasing an understanding for the need to reduce carbon emissions.

Commercial solar panels will remain strong market sellers for the foreseeable future. The question is whether or not business leaders are willing to recognise these strategic benefits and breakaway from a model that is costly to run and repair without any of the performance dividends. Participants are free to open a dialogue with industry specialists and speak to peers who have been through this process before.…

What To Think About When Buying From New Apartment Developments In Sydney

Are you looking at buying brand new apartments in Sydney? Whilst newly-built buildings have many benefits over older and established housing there are a few things you should think about.

Here’s a quick guide to what you should keep in mind.

Where is it located?

When you’re looking for new apartment developments in Sydney, there’s a wide range of areas you could choose to live in. Make sure you take the time to think about what kind of amenities you require and what matters to you. Do you want to be close to shops, transport and schools? Or do you perhaps live the kind of lifestyle where you’d like to be close to the beach or parks, libraries and public open spaces.

You should also think about where the building is situated. Is it in a good position or will you hear a lot of traffic? Is it easily accessible? Is it close to work and is there parking close to the building? Some newer buildings will be located in excellent places whilst others may not have the same level of access to amenities as you’re used to.

What kind of layout does it have?

Apartment interior layout

When you’re considering whether or not to buy new apartment developments in Sydney or not, you should think about the layout and aspect of the property. One of the great things about newer properties is that they often have great open-plan floor plans and modern designs. Many older properties in NSW where not designed with modern living in mind and tend to have smaller bedrooms, pokey living spaces and dark interiors. Contemporary units understand how sunshine, wind and orientation can impact on your living environment.

What is the building community like?

Many new apartment developments in Sydney are built around friendly and sociable community environments and shared spaces. It’s a great idea when considering moving into a new building to get a gauge of what the community is like and to understand what the demographics are like. Is it a lot of young people who like to party? Quiet professionals? Elderly retirees? Understanding the culture of the building can help you to understand whether or not it is a fit with your lifestyle. It’s also a great idea to get an understanding of the number of renters in the builders versus owner-occupiers. Researching the community in the building can help you to understand whether it is a good investment. You might also want to understand the strata laws, rules and attitudes towards pets and noise.

Strata laws

Strata regulations can be confusing and hard to navigate but they are a reality of living in new apartment developments in Sydney. They are designed to make it easier and more enjoyable to live in these buildings where you have to share communal spaces with other people.

Building amenities

There are many buildings that include a range of amenities like pools, gyms and saunas. Others may have lobby spaces, mail or garbage services and many other attractive amenities designed to make your life easier.

When looking at buying new apartment developments in Sydney it’s a good idea to understand what’s available in the building and whether or not there are any fees associated with the amenities. Many buildings will have a higher strata levy as a result of the amenities available. For a building with luxury amenities you might expect to pay quite a bit more, so it’s a good idea to understand the costs involved before you make that investment into new apartment developments in Sydney.…

How Shoppers Score Top Deals With Blockout Curtains From Adelaide Sellers

Trying to score top deals with blockout curtains from Adelaide sellers comes down to the customer’s willingness to seek value. It won’t always be evident at the first or second attempt, but there will be outlets out there who look out for the interests of the customer.

This is where it is necessary to take onboard key advice from shoppers who know what they want with these special fabrics. Anyone can find a collection of blinds and curtains that work for domestic and commercial spaces, but the blockout profiles provide something extra that takes the concept of window treatments to another level.

It opens up new avenues for shoppers to explore these designs and jump on opportunities that present themselves in the market.


Assessing Blockout Benefits

Blockout curtains from Adelaide sellers offer benefits for constituents that are either obvious or overlooked. That extra layer of coverage brought about by a thick backing layer helps to offer security, privacy, temperature control and comfort. Especially for living rooms that want to broadcast movies in high definition to doctors offices and massage parlors where privacy is everything, it is important to trap out light wherever possible. It also provides temperature coverage, allowing users to naturally manipulate the temperature of a room without relying on the air conditioning unit.


Determining Environment Style

As unique as blockout curtains from Adelaide sellers are for constituents, there are many parallels between these brands and standard window treatment designs. When it is all said and done, they still have to look the part. This applies to small domestic spaces, commercial offices and locations that want to extend its coverage. From the dark and cool presentations to the vibrant colour schemes that offer a different dynamic, finding a good deal is about matching these requirements with a décor style that truly fits.


Brand Performance

One of the key factors for finding great deals with blockout curtains from Adelaide sellers is assessing how the business actually performs for their community. There can be some complications that emerge along the way when it comes to installation practices, the matching of fabric textures, the measurement process and any additional fees hidden in the fine print of an agreement. This is why it is necessary to look at the brand performance online and offline, testing the gauge for customer satisfaction levels before making that investment plunge.


Extending The Search

Attempting to score top deals with blockout curtains from Adelaide sellers requires patience. The idea that these treatments will just present themselves at the first port of call is fanciful. These unique designs can be quite niche in the marketplace, creating a challenge for home and business owners that want to enjoy that coverage. Running an online search and connecting with operators on the street will give shoppers the chance to read the terrain, avoiding sellers who price hike their stocks because there is a lack of awareness about the industry.


Drafting Official Measurements

blockout curtains in the bedroom

Being able to gauge the size and scope of blockout curtains from Adelaide sellers is far more than just a minor detail. Clients don’t want to be dealing with fabrics that are too extensive or too short, leaving them with either cleaning and cutting duties or a space that is not covered at all. By sourcing a tape measurement and addressing the length and diameter of the window region, shoppers will know specifically what they are looking for.


Sourcing Local Quotes

If those exercises seem too extensive to carry out, there is always the professional quoting service extended by brands of blockout curtains from Adelaide sellers. This will give shoppers tangible evidence about their dimension dynamics and the types of fabrics they provide at their correct price listing. It is a practice that allows constituents to engage with stores and engage them about their demands and their budget constraints before finding a suitable fit.


Questions To Ask Your Electrician In Gold Coast

Asking questions is one of the best things you can do to ensure that you’re hiring a good electrician in Gold Coast who will perform quality work for you at a price you can afford Many people are intimidated about asking questions of professional service providers because they aren’t sure what to ask and don’t know much about the profession or skills and experience required. Even if you don’t have much knowledge about electrical work, it’s still important to ask a good electrician in Gold Coast some questions. If you want to know what you should ask them and what kinds of things you need to know, read on below.


What licenses do you have?

Proper licensing is a requirement to work as an electrician in Gold Coast. This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s worth it to ask because if the answer is ‘I’m not licensed’ you should steer well clear. People who don’t have the proper licenses and certifications are breaking the law and won’t be properly covered under insurance. Make sure the people you plan on hiring have the proper licenses as this ensures that they have the skills and experience to perform quality work in a safe way.


Are you insured?

This is an essential question to ask you electrician in Gold Coast. Although it may seem obvious, it’s definitely not something you should just assume. With huge risks associated with electrical work it is absolutely crucial that providers have a current public liability insurance policy in place to help cover you and then financially and personally in case of an accident.


Do you have any references you can share?

Glowing references from past customers is a great way to gauge what kind of customer service you can expect from your electrician in Gold Coast. Do their customers say positive things about them or do they have a long list of complaints about their service and the quality of their work? Poor review and testimonials is a clear sign you should stay away so take note of what other people say about them.


What kind of experience do you have?

Electrician in Gold Coast installing sockets and switches.

Not every electrician in Gold Coast will offer exactly the same service or have the same amount of experience. For complicated jobs, it’s a good idea to seek out someone with lots of experience to ensure that things don’t go wrong.


Do you specialise in anything in particular?

As skilled tradesmen many electrical workers will develop a speciality in a particular area or focus their training and development on a specific set of tasks. If you have a complicated job then it’s a good idea to establish what kind of specific skills your chosen electrician in Gold Coast can lend to your job.


What are your rates?

One of the most important things you should establish with your electrician in Gold Coast is what their rates are and what your particular job is likely to cost, this will help to prevent any sticker shock or nasty surprises at the end of your job.


Does your work include a warranty?

Another really important thing to ask about is what kind of warranties and guarantees you can expect on the work they perform. If something goes wrong with their work, will they take responsibility and come back to fix and for how long afterwards? For instance, can you expect a resolution six months or even a year down the track? It’s very important to know that your chosen service provider will take responsibility for the quality of their work.…

Reasons To Buy And Wear Designer Bathing Suits

When people look for swimwear, they look for brands they like and a theme that has cool colours and looks. There is no better place to look for this than designer bathing suits. Many people wonder why you would go look for designer bathing suits when you can get swimwear from cheaper retail outlets; however, there are various reasons to buy and wear designer bathing suits over cheaper options. These are to do primarily with the aesthetics of the swimwear as well as the quality. Many social media influencers and celebrities are pushing designer bathing suits to the forefront of popularity, and for good reason too. They look amazing and they feel amazing and this is the same for everybody, not just social media influencers and celebrities.
There are items for all shapes and sizes of women and so much choice that you will definitely be able to find a look that you like.

With that being said, here are some reasons to buy and wear designer bathing suits.


They are of high quality

It is widely known that designer bathing suits are made of high-quality materials. This comes with its own benefits, including the fact that it will not wear and tear as easily as cheaper items will. High-quality materials will ensure that it will last for a long time and can be used consistently without damage. Furthermore, high-quality materials mean that the item will be very comfortable to wear. Swimwear must be comfortable, as you are being active in it at the beach or the pool and you will be wearing it tight around your body for the majority of the day. Thereby, it is very important that it is comfortable to wear for long periods of time and by using high-quality materials, designer bathing suits will feel like a second skin. Would you rather have a cheap item of swimwear that feels like plastic or soft and smooth designer bathing suits?

We know which one we’d like.


Supporting the ladies behind the look

Beautiful woman wearing a swimsuit

By buying designer bathing suits, you are supporting the ladies behind the look. When you think of big luxury brands, you would expect that there are some boss ladies developing and releasing these products on behalf of the company. By buying their products, you are supporting women in the industry who work hard to release beautiful looks on behalf of their luxury brand company, for other women to enjoy. Supporting this ensures that they are getting their recognition in the industry and will encourage more releases that are similar, as well as empowering women to take up work in the fashion and clothing industry. Cheaper, fast-fashion brands will have production in China and their items are developed with no real care, supporting these is not supporting anything worthwhile.


You will look great

Wearing designer bathing suits is a good way to look amazing and stand out.

There is a reason that social media influencers and celebrities wear these items, because they look amazing and fit well. The visual appeal of the items stand out amongst a crowd, and the way they fit your body will accentuate your figure. With style comes confidence, and be confident you will when rocking these items of clothing.


In summary, wearing designer bathing suits comes with many benefits such as being of high quality which ensures comfort and style, as well as low wear and tear. Moreover, you will be supporting the women behind the looks and you will look incredible and stand out amongst a crowd.…

Why You Don’t Have To Waste Your Time Driving From Shop To Shop When You Can Find School Uniform Suppliers Online

Sometimes when people get used to one certain way of doing things, it can be really hard for them to break their habit and to try a new way of doing this said thing. And this is often the case for people as they get older in life and soon enough, they look around and most things surrounding them have changed. For instance, there are some who have run a family business for years and years and who have continued to have a paper trail for everything rather than to digitalise.

And then there are those who love nothing more than visiting a physical store and so to them, web-based shopping is just a mess and doesn’t make sense. This is because they are not able to actually try the clothes on and more often than not, people will end up purchasing the wrong thing. However, as there are plenty of exhausted mums out there who need just a little bit of help, here is why you don’t have to waste your time driving from shop to shop when you can find school uniform suppliers online.


You don’t have to waste your time driving from shop to shop when you can find school suppliers online who can tailor-make things that you need

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why people can have a hard time wrapping their minds around using the internet to shop is because they are rarely able to find the right fit for their young ones. But what they may not realise is that they are able to easily send in measurements so that things can be made perfectly for their young one. This means that you don’t have to waste your time driving from shop to shop when you can find a reliable school uniform supplier online who can tailor-make things that you need.

And this can be important for parents who don’t have unlimited funds and who need to make sure that they are getting this right the first time. Especially for those who have a child who is constantly growing and who will have to replace all of their clothes in a couple of months again anyway and so they need to conserve their money.


You also don’t have to waste your time driving from shop to shop when you can find school uniform suppliers online who can ship directly to your home

Another one of the reasons why people may be so against the world of internet shopping is because they may not have thought about all of the potential benefits that they can experience. For instance, you also don’t have to waste your time driving from shop to shop when you can find school uniform suppliers online who can ship directly to your home. This means that parents don’t have to leave the house for yet another thing to purchase and they can actually sit down to relax once and while.

It can also be helpful for these parents to know that most companies out there will actually offer a free returns option so that they are able to send back anything that doesn’t fit if they need to. In conclusion, when people are tired of running around all of the time, it is important for them to know that they don’t have to do this and that there are indeed ways that they are able to make their lives a whole lot easier, even if it is only something small that helps them.…

Command Line Arguments

Command Line Arguments in Eclipse

Before we go on to JUnit testing, let’s cover another tricky situation in Eclipse: how do we use command line arguments from within a graphical IDE? You might have noticed that my class has methods to read strings from a text file and write strings to a new text file, but we haven’t tested them yet. Let’s re-write the main method to read as follows:

public static void main(String[] args) {
        if (args.length != 2) {
            System.out.println("\nYou must specify the input and output file " +
                    "paths!\n\nExample: SortedStringList input.txt ouput.txt" +
        SortedStringList list = new SortedStringList(args[0]);
        System.out.printf("\nResults written to: %s\n\n", args[1]);

Be sure to save the file. Next, we’ll need an input file to use as an example. Here’s one I came up with:



Now let’s see how this would work from the terminal. Let’s say the path to your input.txt file is input_path. Recompile your java bytecode and run the program again like this:

$ javac path/SortedStringList.java
$ java -cp path SortedStringList input_path/input.txt input_path/output.txt

Results written to: input_path/output.txt

JUnit Testing Java Code Using Eclipse

Trying to learn how to use the popular Eclipse IDE? Trying to do all three at once? Me too. Hopefully, this tutorial will help both of us. I’m using Eclipse 3.5.2, so you may have to adapt to changes in the GUI if your version is different than mine.

Example Java Class

Let’s start out with a class I wrote that represents an alphabetized String Array. It is a good example of how to use an Array as a data buffer, and it also demonstrates how to read and write files (one method, anyway).

import java.io.File;
import java.io.FileWriter;
import java.io.PrintWriter;
import java.util.Scanner;

 * This class represents a sorted list of Strings.
 * @author GreeenGuru (greeenguru@greeennotebook.com)
 * @version 1.0
public class SortedStringList {
    /** The maximum length of the stringList_ */
    private static final int MAX_SIZE = 100;
    /** The list of strings */
    private String[] stringList_ = new String[MAX_SIZE];
    /** Keeps track of next available index in stringList_ */
    private int size_ = 0;

     * Constructor that initializes stringList_ from data stored in a text file,
     * sorted alphabetically
     * @param input
     *            Name of text file containing string data.
    public SortedStringList(String input) {
        try {
            Scanner scan = new Scanner(new File(input));
            // Skip the heading line
            if (scan.hasNextLine()) {
            while (scan.hasNextLine() && size_ < MAX_SIZE) {
                stringList_[size_++] = scan.nextLine();
        } catch (Exception e) {
            System.out.printf("Unable to read from input file: %s\n\nThe "
                    + "error encountered was:\n\n%s\n", input, e);
        // Sort the array using exchange sort
        String temp;
        for (int i = 0; i < size_ - 1; i++) {
            for (int j = i + 1; j < size_; j++) {
                if (stringList_[i].compareToIgnoreCase(stringList_[j]) > 0) {
                    temp = stringList_[i];
                    stringList_[i] = stringList_[j];
                    stringList_[j] = temp;

     * Default Constructor
    public SortedStringList() {
        // Nothing to do here.

     * Getter for list size.
     * @return The number of strings in the list.
    public int getSize() {
        return size_;

     * Adds a new string to the list.
     * @param newString
     *            The string to be added
    public void add(String newString) {
        if (newString.equals("") || newString.equals(null) || size_ >= MAX_SIZE) {
            // If input is invalid or the array is maxed out
            System.out.println("The list is full or the string is invalid.");
        int index = 0;
        // Find the right position for the new string
        for (int i = 0; i < size_; i++) {
            if (stringList_[i].compareToIgnoreCase(newString) < 0) {
            } else {
        // Shift remaining strings to the right
        for (int i = size_; i > index; i--) {
            stringList_[i] = stringList_[i - 1];
        // Add the new string
        stringList_[index] = newString;

     * Removes the string at the given index.
     * @param index
     *            The index of the string to be removed.
    public void remove(int index) {
        // If the index is invalid, do nothing
        if (index < 0 || index >= size_) {
            System.out.println("There is no string at the given index.");
        // Shift the rest of the strings to the left
        for (int i = index; i < size_ - 1; i++) {
            stringList_[i] = stringList_[i + 1];
        stringList_[size_ - 1] = null;

     * Removes the string given.
     * @param string
     *            The string to be removed.
    public void remove(String string) {
        int index = this.getIndexOf(string);
        // If the string is not found, do nothing
        if (index == -1) {
        // Now that we know where the string is, call the other remove method

     * Returns the string at the given index.
     * @param index
     *            The index queried
     * @return The string stored at the queried index.
    public String getStringAt(int index) {
        return stringList_[index];

     * Get the index of the string in question or -1 if the string is not found.
     * @param string
     *            The string queried.
     * @return The index of the queried string or -1 if the string is not found.
    public int getIndexOf(String string) {
        boolean stringFound = false;
        int index = 0;
        for (int i = 0; i < size_; i++) {
            if (stringList_[i].equals(string)) {
                stringFound = true;
                index = i;
        if (stringFound == false) {
            // If the string is not found, do nothing
            System.out.println("There is no such string in the list.");
            return -1;
        return index;

     * Prints the list to the screen.
    public void print() {
        for (int i = 0; i < size_; i++) {

     * Writes the list to a file.
     * @param input
     *            The name of the file to be created
    public void printToFile(String input) {
        try {
            FileWriter fw = new FileWriter(new File(input));
            PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(fw);
            for (int i = 0; i < size_; i++) {
                pw.print(stringList_[i] + "\n");
        } catch (Exception e) {
            System.out.printf("Unable to write to file.  The "
                    + "error encountered was:\n\n%s\n", e);

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        SortedStringList list = new SortedStringList();
                "\nAfter removing \"FOXTROT\", the list now contains %d strings:\n\n",

I’m going to assume here that you know how to create a new project in Eclipse (named whatever you want), create a new class called SortedStringList, and insert the code above to complete the class. If you haven’t learned Eclipse enough to do that, I suggest reading another Eclipse tutorial first. Specifically, I’d recommend the built-in Eclipse tutorial available from the Help menu. Go to Help → Cheat Sheets…, open the Java Development folder, and select Create a Hello World application. This will open a short tutorial as a handy side pane. If you need more guidance than that, look around under Help → Help Contents and you should be able to find anything you need to know.

You may have noticed that I’ve included a main method in my code that calls some of the methods in my class. I like to do that as a quick functional test. It gives me some instant feedback, telling me whether or not my class works at all. Of course, this small functional test does not test all my methods, nor does it tell me how they will respond to marginal or invalid parameters. A better technique is to write unit tests for each method before you even start coding the method. When you’re finished coding, all you have to do is run the test and you’ll receive instant feedback telling you whether or not your method works. That is why we’re learning how to use JUnit, which can do just that. Until then, however, let’s run the functional test. Make sure you have our new class selected in Eclipse and click on the green Run button.

This tells us that the class is keeping the String Array sorted alphabetically even after adding strings in the wrong order and removing one from the middle. Great! By the way, we could have also run this from the terminal. First, we have to know where our Elipse workspace is located. From there, we need to navigate to the project directory we created and then to the src folder to find SortedStringList.java. If you can’t find it, just go to File → Properties and Eclipse will show you the location of the file. For our sake, let’s say the path to SortedStringList.java is path/SortedStringList.java. If you’re using Windows, the commands will be the same but the prompts will look different (obviously).