Are you looking at buying brand new apartments in Sydney? Whilst newly-built buildings have many benefits over older and established housing there are a few things you should think about.

Here’s a quick guide to what you should keep in mind.

Where is it located?

When you’re looking for new apartment developments in Sydney, there’s a wide range of areas you could choose to live in. Make sure you take the time to think about what kind of amenities you require and what matters to you. Do you want to be close to shops, transport and schools? Or do you perhaps live the kind of lifestyle where you’d like to be close to the beach or parks, libraries and public open spaces.

You should also think about where the building is situated. Is it in a good position or will you hear a lot of traffic? Is it easily accessible? Is it close to work and is there parking close to the building? Some newer buildings will be located in excellent places whilst others may not have the same level of access to amenities as you’re used to.

What kind of layout does it have?

Apartment interior layout

When you’re considering whether or not to buy new apartment developments in Sydney or not, you should think about the layout and aspect of the property. One of the great things about newer properties is that they often have great open-plan floor plans and modern designs. Many older properties in NSW where not designed with modern living in mind and tend to have smaller bedrooms, pokey living spaces and dark interiors. Contemporary units understand how sunshine, wind and orientation can impact on your living environment.

What is the building community like?

Many new apartment developments in Sydney are built around friendly and sociable community environments and shared spaces. It’s a great idea when considering moving into a new building to get a gauge of what the community is like and to understand what the demographics are like. Is it a lot of young people who like to party? Quiet professionals? Elderly retirees? Understanding the culture of the building can help you to understand whether or not it is a fit with your lifestyle. It’s also a great idea to get an understanding of the number of renters in the builders versus owner-occupiers. Researching the community in the building can help you to understand whether it is a good investment. You might also want to understand the strata laws, rules and attitudes towards pets and noise.

Strata laws

Strata regulations can be confusing and hard to navigate but they are a reality of living in new apartment developments in Sydney. They are designed to make it easier and more enjoyable to live in these buildings where you have to share communal spaces with other people.

Building amenities

There are many buildings that include a range of amenities like pools, gyms and saunas. Others may have lobby spaces, mail or garbage services and many other attractive amenities designed to make your life easier.

When looking at buying new apartment developments in Sydney it’s a good idea to understand what’s available in the building and whether or not there are any fees associated with the amenities. Many buildings will have a higher strata levy as a result of the amenities available. For a building with luxury amenities you might expect to pay quite a bit more, so it’s a good idea to understand the costs involved before you make that investment into new apartment developments in Sydney.

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